Luxury Custom Homes styles in Houston Tx


Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are available in many different styles including vinyl lined, fiberglass, poured concrete, granite, and infinity edge. Our outdoor designers and architects will discuss with you several options and come up with a swimming pool that fits your taste!

iklo pool 2

iklo pool 1


Outdoor Kitchen

We will work with our architects and designers to build you a dream outdoor kitchen full of amenities like bbq grills, gas stoves, outdoor ovens, islands and bars, patio furniture, LED tvs, audio/video system, fireplace, etc. Many different styles and options available!

iklo outdoor kithen 1

iklo outdoor kithen 2


Outdoor Fireplace

Several different types of outdoor fireplaces can be built, either as part of the outdoor sitting and lounge, or separately with its own sitting.

iklo outdoor fireplace

iklo outdoor fireplace 6


iklo outdoor fireplace 2

iklo outdoor fireplace 5



Our architects and landscapers will help you design a dream backyard and IKLO will make sure it fits your budget!

iklo landscape 1

iklo landscaping 2



Various styles available including concrete, stained concrete, pavers, bricks!

iklo driveway 1

iklo driveways 2



Indoor and outdoor fountains, ponds, artificial lakes available various styles!

iklo fountain 1

iklo fountain 3


Patios & Decks

Available in variety of material and styles including wood, pavor brick, ceramic, travertine, marble, slate, tile patio, and plenty more!

iklo patio 5

iklo patio 3


iklo patio 6

iklo patio 7


iklo patio 8

iklo patio 1


iklo patio 4

iklo patio 2

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