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IKLO: Modern / Contemporary Custom Home Builders in Houston, TX


Why IKLO ?

IKLO affordable Houston home makers build luxurious Contemporary homes for the lowest price guaranteed!

Low Cost Luxury Homes Modern in Houston TX
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Luxury Modern Custom Homes

We at IKLO custom home builders Houston use modernization and originality to bring to you reasonably extravagant homes in Texas. Every home we erect is tailored to your liking at a low cost price that you financially manage. We pride ourselves in creativity and vision to build for you the best there is to offer. We can construct Modern style custom homes, featuring a range of options including flat roofs and walls, butt glass, modernized lighting. Being the best custom home builder in greater Houston we realize the need to see your customers’ content by making their dreams come true. Your satisfaction is our main concern!


Contemporary Custom Home Builder in Houston TX
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Being an Affordable Contemporary Home Builder

We are trendy modern home builders that focus on affordable home constructing. With strong communication and consideration for the needs of our consumers, we are able to deliver superior quality at the same time keeping costs low. Being a contemporary home  makers,  everything is done in house from drafting floor plans, modernized styling, city inspection and permits, building on your lot, mortgage plans, and the process of construction! We have experienced architects, engineers, contemporary stylist, and we do construction specific to your needs! Array of interior and exterior selection are offered, from stained concrete, contemporary flooring, architectural lighting, etc. If there is merchandise existing in the market, we will present it to you, that’s the least you can hope from a luxury home builder. IKLO Houston home builders will always be honest about pricing and correspond clearly with our clients. Your approval is what we are looking for. We at IKLO affordable home builders of Houston are more concerned in customer satisfaction than a return!


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Designing with IKLO?

IKLO affordable home builders offers variety of design features!

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Designing a Contemporary home in Houston, TX

Seen a photograph of a home in a magazine that caught your eyes? Or saw a modern home style that you completely fell in love with? Or saw a ceiling style or an architectural design you couldn’t forget? Being premier greater Houston builders we believe that living in Houston ho one should have to compromise the style of their home or their ideas, where every idea in your new home is an investment for the future. Suggest us your style or bring us an image of what you would like to see in your home and we will definitely build you a house that you can only dream of, which we will deliver with integrity and innovation. We at IKLO best home constructors of Texas hold bringing your imaginations into a reality as our main goal! Being an affordable home builder, when we build your home drafting and floor plan designs are of no cost! You will never see us charge for our designing consultation. This is a small token of appreciation that we award our customers.

We are transforming the construction market by the process of “Valued Engineering”. It begins by implementing cost reduction methods from the time we start designing your home or building on your lot. In most cases people go to a architectural firm and get their homes designed without any orientation of the cost to build their dream floor plans. At IKLO contemporary builders of Houston, we will tell you precisely how much addition of a certain feature in your home design increases the price of home construction. We will also propose substitutes which will save you thousands of dollars making our designs cost effective. As experts in this industry, we know where everything will go and how it will come out to be when it’s all completed. In construction, there is a famous saying “put the money where it will show”. Once you have a budget that has been set in order to build or remodel your homes, IKLO will send in their experts and suggest you where to spend the money so that the value of your home raised while successfully lessening the cost. Being a first choice home builders in houston employ the latest innovations like automated home monitoring, computerized home controls, energy efficient, customized home features, etc. At IKLO Texas customized home building, we are moving with the change in the industry to fulfill the needs of the future!


Contemporary Home Styles

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Areas To Consider When Building Modern Homes in Houston

Bay City ∙ Bellaire ∙ Clear Lake ∙ Conroe ∙ Cypress ∙ Galveston ∙ Jersey Village ∙ Katy ∙ Kemah ∙ Lake Houston ∙ Pearland ∙ Richmond ∙ Sugarland ∙ Tavener ∙ Texas City ∙ The Woodlands ∙ Tomball

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