Innovative Building and Green Home builders under one roof!


Solar Panel Roofing

Green energy project where we install solar panel tiles on your roof, thus saving you energy bills, environmental friendly, and innovative!

iklo solar 1

iklo solar 2


Green Roof/Artificial Grass

Lay out artificial grass that looks natural, requires no upkeep, no weeds, and comfortable to walk on. Whether it be in the courtyard, backyard, or your balcony!!

iklo green roof 1

iklo green roof 2


Automatic Light and Faucet

Censor appliances are commonly seen commercially, but use have become common in homes as well. Helps save energy and water!

iklo censor faucet

iklo censor light


Home Automation

Control indoor and outdoor home lighting, outdoor cameras, room temperature, water temperature, etc all with an ipad or tablet.

iklo home automation 1

iklo home automation 2


Residential Elevators

Residential elevator are becoming a trend specially with older generations that find it hard to climb up the stairs, or just a new look portraying luxury!

iklo elavator 1

iklo elavator 2


Container Homes

New technique designed to build houses out of renewable containers. Innovative and contemporary style but prices may vary.

iklo container home 3

iklo container home 2


Man Caves

Heaven for men! Our interior designers and architects will draw out your dream hangout spot. From gaming stations and pool tables, to bars and bowling alleys, we can do it all here at IKLO.

iklo mancave 1

iklo mancave 2

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