Frequently Asked Questions from Houston Custom Home Builders

Q – Does IKLO build custom homes only?
A – All homes that IKLO builds are custom, to suite our clients. We bring down the price of a custom home so that you end up paying the same or less than what you would have paid for a new/spec home. Read more!

Q – Why should I choose a Custom home and hire IKLO to build it for me?
A – The answer is simple, because we can do it better and at a lower price than our competitors. We take client satisfaction very seriously, especially when it comes to pricing and quality of their home. Read more!

Q – How long does it take to build a custom home?
A – After the approval of your loan, it can take from 3 to 6 months.

Q – How much does it cost to build a custom home?
A – Traditional homes cost of construction (exluding land/lot price) is $100 & up. Mediterranean and Modern homes cost of construction (exluding land/lot price) is $130 & up.

Q – Is IKLO a one-stop-shop?
A – Yes! We do everything in house from designing floor plans, to inspection, getting approval from the city, buying the lot, working with banks to help finance, all phases of construction! We have architects, engineers, interior designers, and most of our contractors have worked with us for several years, so we do a lot of construction tailored to you! Read more!

Q – Does IKLO have financing options?
A – We work with many lenders, charging as little as 10% down on the loan. We will work with you through the entire process. Read more!

Q – Where do you build?
A – All the counties and cities that we build houses in are listed in Areas Served. If the location is not mentioned, please call us and we will let you know if we can build in your area.

Q – Will IKLO build me a house on a land/lot I already own?
A – Of course, we build homes for many of our clients who already own a land or a lot. Read More!

Q – What are some common mistakes that most people make when building a new home?
A – Building a new home is a big investment. There are many small things that can negatively affect the price of your home, the construction process, and resale value. We at IKLO make sure that our customers receive proper guidance through this process. Read More!

Q – I have heard that contractors take advantage of their clients and rip them of. Is that true?
A – Since most home buyers are not well versed with construction process, it is hard to keep track of whether the information given to the buyer is correct. We at IKLO believe in transparent communication so that our customers are always on the same page as us. We don’t believe in hidden costs, and We will make sure our customers understand what they get as the final product.

Q – I want to build my house or have a feature in my house exactly like its in this maganzie?
A – We at IKLO love to challenge our selves and build you a house that you will cherish. Look through our Design Challenge for more details.

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