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Why design with IKLO?

At IKLO affordable homes building your design is complementary (free) if we do your construction.

We start applying cost saving measures from the time we start designing your home. In most cases people go to a designing firm and get their homes designed without any reference to how much it would cost to build their design. At IKLO we will tell you exactly how much adding a certain feature in your floorplans add to the price of construction of your home. We will also suggest you alternatives which will save you thousands of dollars. So our designs are cost efficient and low cost is garunteed.

We at Houston home constructors will design your floorplan exactly the way you have imagined it, keeping all your wishes in mind. Since we will be there from the beginning of the designing process, we will know how the final construction will turn out, and so we can be a lot more sensitive to the wishes of our customers while keeping the cost down.


Floor plan and architectural design

Designing a customized floor plan can seem complex, but with our experts at IKLO we will work with you step by step through the process and eventually turn up with a design of your dreams.

Just to give you an idea: we will ask you the number of beds and baths, the types of other specials room (eg. game room, media room, gym, etc), and the style of house you wish for. After drafting a proposed plan, we will sit with our customers and add/subtract from the floor plan. Over a couple of weeks, after a few drafts and constant communication with our clients, we will have come up with a completely new plan, customized for you!

We also have sample plans to choose from if you do not choose to go through the above route.

After a draft is finalized, we at IKLO: premier Houston Custom Home Builders believe that seeing is believing. So we employ 3D rendering, where we will build your plan into a 3D image so that you may get a better idea
how your plan would look after it is completely constructed.

During the new home construction process, we would also suggest you possible outdoor designs and get your input on possible inclusions, drafting a final outdoor design as well.

IKLO design and planning 1

Engineering design

Once we have finalized a floor plan and design, we will work with our licensed engineers to develop detailed engineering plans. These plans are detailed plans which will discuss the utilities and their inputs and outputs.

Why is this important? have you ever felt that one room is colder than the other, or the electrical outlet/light switch is incorrectly placed. All these details are finalized in the engineering design to make sure efficient and coordinated use of all resources in the house to provide the best design possible.

Value engineering

Value engineering is the art of improving the “value” of your home while “reducing” the cost to build a new home in Houston. How we do it?

We have experts that design your house, know where everything will go and how it will come out to be when its all done. In construction, we say “put the money where it will show”. Everyone has a budget that they have set in order to build or renovate their homes. We come in there and see where the money can be spent so that the quality of your home increases while effectively decreasing the cost.

Example: you might be buying a used or old home with 4 bedrooms and a formal living and a formal dining. but your needs might be 3 bedrooms, a media room, a study, and one formal. Now rather than buying an older or used house and renovating it, you can integrate this into your plan when building your house so the final outcome looks better, and is cheaper, since there were no renovations needed.

Example: You might want wood flooring in your house and granite counter tops, yet your budget doesn’t allow it. We will work with our list of suppliers and find you something that does fit your budget and leaves you satisfied.

If you have a dream we can make it happen! not only that we can also do it at a lower cost and beat any other price out there. That is our garuntee!

Complementary Design

IKLO design and planning 2


Design and architectural services are completely FREE!

How does it work? When you come to us with a proposal to build a new home or renovation, we will not charge you for our design and architectural services if IKLO is contracted to do the construction on this new project or if you want to build on your own land.

You can also hire us just for architectural and design services, although if we are not contracted for construction then there may be a small fee for these services.


Design challenge

Have you ever saw a picture of a house in a magazine and felt like it captures your imagination? or saw a design of the kitchen that you fell in love with? or saw a backyard style that represents your taste?

We at Houston Home Builders believe that no one should have to compromise when it comes to their dream home. If you bring us a picture of how you want your dream house to look like or how you want a certain room to look like, we will take precise and innovative effort to deliver to you your dream design. We at IKLO believe in bringing imaginations into a reality!

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