Years of Experience in Building Luxury Custom Homes in Texas


Some of the foundations we employ: At IKLO while engineering custom homes we will keep your design and floor plan of new custom homes in mind and employ the foundation that best works with your design, keeping the foundation strong and safe, while reducing the cost.

Post tension foundation – What is it: grid of steel cables are laid down, concrete is poured on it, and cables pulled after the concrete is dried creating tension and thus a stronger foundation

benefits – Increased strength and durability, lower cost and time of construction, less cracks and deflections.

Pier and Beam foundation – What is it: the foundation is supported by piers going deeper into the ground

benefits – Can adjust with Ground movement/soil temperature changes, easy access to underground utilities, easily repaired, energy efficient (the air underneath the foundation serves as extra insulation), healthier (easier to walk on for people with back pain or arthritis)

We build quality new homes in Texas using 3000 psi or higher strength concrete in all our homes

IKLO foundation


Whats special about our framing

Optimum Value Engineering – technique designed to decrease the amount of lumber used in building the house; this is also is energy efficient – decreasing cost and energy saving of up to 5 % a year
Treated (vs. untreated) wood base plate – slows the decay of the wood due to moisture
Bolted (vs. strapped) perimeter base plate – increases the strength of the structure
Hurricane straps – to be able to resist high wind load
Subfloor (2nd/3rd levels of the house) – nailed and glued to minimize squeaking
Radiant barrier roofing – Energy efficient – upto $150 a year in savings
- Green friendly builder – made from recycled material
Attic ventilation – attic is created such that air can move in and out

IKLO framing


Our insulations and their advantages:

Fiber glass batt or blown insulation: made from recycled glass and sand
advantages – Green/eco friendly (as it is made from recycled material), Fire resistant, Does not hold moisture lowering the chances of getting mold, energy efficient

Cellulose blown insulation: made from recycled paper and cloth
advantages – Green/eco friendly (as it is made from recycled material), energy efficient and resistant to changes in temperature, chemicals in it repel rodents, insects, and mold

Spray Polyurethane foam insulation: insulation designed by the military and was initially applied to airplanes
advantages – better humidity control, moisture resistant (less chances of getting mold), no odor penetration, solid (insects cannot penetrate), adds structural strength to your home, noise reduction, lightweight, most energy efficient insulation – green/eco friendly (increases energy savings up to 40 %), uniform temperature throughout the house, Lower strength HVAC can suffice (lowering construction cost), qualifies for state and federal tax deduction

Sound Proof insulation: made from recycled cotton fibers
advantages – excellent sound and noise absorbing capabilities, flame resistant, green/eco friendly (made from recycled material), energy efficient

IKLO insulation

Building luxury homes in the Greater Houston Area…

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